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Frequently asked questions

Q) What do I use this for that other ETF screener won't show me?

Only GreatETF Screener will show you these important data, you may consider these data broadly based on your priorities:

· AI Forecast
The Artificial Intelligence (AI) forecast expresses the expected cumulative return for the future.

· Return On Assets (ROA)
It says something about the quality of the business, and with comparable companies, it can often show you which of the companies possess the best moat, something that Warren Buffet loves to see in his investments. Companies with higher ROA is better in general.

· Price-to-Earnings ratio (P/E)
Companies at lower prices are better in general, or in other words when their P/E ratios are lower, as these companies may be underpriced.

· Historical cumulative performance*
Is also important, but other screeners provide this information. Companies with higher and consistent historical performance is better in general.

Q) Which funds are listed?

All funds are of class Equity, holds United States companies, are Older than 3 years, have replication method Full Replication or Sampling. Hedged ETFs are excluded intentionally.

Q) How often the data is updated?

The data is updated annually in march.

“Having the power of all of the data at my fingertips, market analysis is much simpler, efficient, and much more managable.”
customer Henry M.
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